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Run through Outer Space in this bizarre running game

Run is a strange endless running game in which you need to travel through the walls, floors and ceilings of Outer Space.

A journey through time and space

The idea of Run is quite similar to games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Your character (in this case a little alien) automatically runs forward and you need to get as far as you can by avoiding the holes that will send you into the abyss of Space below.

The dynamic is similar to other endless runners in that you have to move from side to side and to jump to avoid the gaps. The twist with Run is that you can rotate the whole game area to change the layout of the holes. It's an interesting twist (literally!) but it is not enough to make Run very interesting and the gameplay is still pretty dull. Although you can progress through levels, there are no power-ups, achievements, or imaginative obstacles to avoid - just monotonous running through Space.

How to play Run

The controls for Run are very simple - there are left and right buttons to move from side to side and a separate jump button. Although not overly complex, the controls are still clunky. The left and right buttons aren't very responsive and we would've liked an option to be able to touch anywhere on either side of the screen to move instead.

Limited graphic appeal

Although Run has a certain retro 3D charm, the visuals are boring and there's no variety on the neon stage and black background combination (though the colors do change between levels). The main character is crudely designed and unappealing.

The house music soundtrack that accompanies Run is one of the best things about the game and it's refreshing to hear and endless runner soundtrack that doesn't loop the same short tune.

The verdict

Run is a very basic endless runner and even it's unique selling point - the ability to rotate the stage - becomes boring after a while.


  • Simple to play
  • Original concept of rotating the screen


  • Basic graphics
  • Quickly gets boring
  • Direction controls are sticky

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